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Wireless Electro-Physical solution that removes moisture by capillarity, definitively, quickly, economically and without construction.
The most effective, fast, economical, safe and global solution.

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Solutions to humidity? 

The wireless electro-physical system that eliminates the source of moisture by capillarity

Definitive economic treatment without works

We'll refund your money if you're not satisfied

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Definitive solution for moisture due to capillarity

  • Our Electro-Physical system is the most efficient in terms of time and money to completely remove moisture by capillarity from walls and floors.
  • CE CERTIFIED device in Europe, FCC in the USA and ICNIRP not to be harmful to the health of people, animals and plants.
  • ECOLOGICAL and SUSTAINABLE equipment without injecting chemical substances into the walls or works.
  • System with a 30-year satisfaction guarantee.
    By removing moisture through capillarity, it prevents the appearance of mold and the proliferation of insects.
    Not only is it
  • Maintenance-free, but it prevents damage to appliances by removing moisture from the walls.

Effective and fast

– Direct to the origins of moisture by capillarity
– Prevents diseases caused by humidity, such as asthma, rheumatism and respiratory allergies.
– Reduction of an average of 60% of the humidity in the walls in just 4 months.


– Easy and fast
– Hangs like a picture on a wall.
– Immediate delivery by international carrier 24h.
– There is no need to do works.


Certified by ICNIRP as not harmful to the health of people, animals and plants.
– Their emissions are lower than microwaves, dryers, vacuum cleaners, etc.
– CE certificate of electromagnetic accounting.
– No interference with other electrical devices.

Effective and fast

This system emits an electromagnetic field that destroys the “lime crystals” – Removes the incrustations – Without intervening in the pipes.


Easy and fast – It hangs like a picture on a wall. – Immediate delivery by international carrier 24 h.


Avoids maintenance of household appliances, cleans taps and showers. – Get softer water, help cooking food, washing clothes… – Save energy.

Some Unique Facilities to Highlight

Library of the Diputació de Barcelona in Molins de Rei

Provincial Council of Barcelona in the Old Industrial School

Residence for the elderly in Galapagar

Parish Church of Courts of Navarre

  • Sant Pere de Ribes Town Hall
  • Masnou Town Hall
  • City Hall of Palamós
  • City Council of Llinars del Vallès
  • City Hall of Piera
  • Vilanova i la Geltrú City Council
  • Fonollosa Town Hall
  • Deputation of Badajoz
  • CSIC building in Valencia
  • Sagunto Ruins Museum
  • UPC in Terrassa
  • Lobby of the Prado Museum
  • Parish Church of Biurrún
  • Parish Church of Ainzón
  • Jardí-Poble Canari de Las Palmas
  • CAP of Mollet de Peralada
  • Palace of Versailles – France

The best system to remove moisture.
If after 1 year you are not satisfied we will return your money
We are convinced of the quality of this team. If, for any reason, after 1 year and before 2 of operation you are not satisfied, we will apply our satisfaction guarantee. Send us your details to the email and we will refund your money. Download the 30-year WARRANTY.
Don’t assume any risk!


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